Meeting Tinker Bell in Walt Disney World

And, psychologically, you are probably right!

But enough of looking into my psyche, we’re here to see where to find Tinker Bell! At the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, you can meet Tink and other Disney Fairies at Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook, a tiny piece of Pixie Hollow which has magically grown in Adventureland.
If entering from Main Street, it is found on the right, just before Aloha Isle

Wait times get long quickly, and the Fairies spend plenty of time with each group, so I suggest going as early as possible. We went right over at park opening, and there was already a short line.

Along the queue, you’ll find photos from Pixie Hollow, but this is likely not enough to keep the attention of restless children, or adults for that matter, for very long. Like the queue to meet Mickey and Minnie at The Adventurer’s Outpost over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I found this a good time to check Facebook and eMail.

Finally it’s time to meet Tinker Bell and one of her friends!
We are magically shrunk down to the size of a Fairy, and we enter the Nook, which is very well themed and affords excellent photo backdrops.

There is a PhotoPass photographer there, and they are happy to take photos with your camera as well as theirs, so have it ready.

We visited the Magical Nook in January, so Tinker Bell was appropriately attired in her winter clothes.

There are usually other Disney Fairies in the area, but I have read that at various times there may be only one. We had the fortune of meeting Tink’s fraternal twin sister, Periwinkle, a Frost Fairy, which was fortuitous as it was cold out by Florida standards, so it gave us something to talk about. I asked her to dial the frost back just a notch!

The Fairies who appear may change during the day. Other Fairies you might see are Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, Vidia, Rosetta, and Terrence.
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