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About Anabella

Hi! I am Anabella, a content creator from Argentina living in Orlando, I been in the media for the last 25 years and did very innovative websites that led me to be in many magazines and TV shows around the world.

I was the first live webcam from south america back in the 90’s and NEVER stopped broadcasting live, I am very natural at it and my public loves that

Today my passion for Disney took me to live only 1 red light away from the parks where I spend most of my days taking pictures and broadcasting live for my fans.

My followers trust me and follow my advice as they value my knowledge and passion for the theme parks, hotels, food and shows in the area.

Some Magazines and TV Shows

Why Anabella?

  • Strong engaged audience, I literally have millions of followers combining all my social media! I have facebook pages with more than a million fans!
  • People know me, they can relate to my stories
  • I am always showing all that’s new in the area
  • I am fun, creative and always smiling!
  • I take amazing photos!
  • I am an expert in live broadcasting, been doing not stop since 1994
  • Today I evolved into Instagram, where the stories of my everyday life create great responses from my fans, I receive a very positive feedback with hundreds of DMs and hundreds of comments in my posts
  • My instagram account is verified

Want to collaborate?

Feel free to contact me:
  • Hotel reviews
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Sponsored posts
  • Products reviews
  • Theme parks reviews

Let’s talk about numbers

  • Facebook Fans: 4.500.000 (yes more than 4 million fans at my fan pages!)
  • Facebook Groups: 150.000 members
  • Twitter: 24.000 followers
  • Instagram: 83.000 followers
  • Facebook Live Videos: 10.000 average views
  • Travelers: 20.000 families per year
  • 10.000 subcriptors to my Newsletter


My audience are travelers that want to visit theme parks in Orlando, families with small children whose main language is Spanish and want to make the most of their time in the area visiting all the attractions, restaurants and shopping malls

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