Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at The Adventurer's Outpost at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse at The Adventurers Outpost

By: Nick The Adventurers Outpost located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island in Walt Disney World is not only the place to get a photo with Mickey and Minnie, it’s also the place to see some of their travel photos and souvenirs from their vacations around the world!

The Outpost is located by the bridge to/from Asia.

While the queue area has photos of Mickey and Minnie in front of many of the the spectacles of the world, the wait can be long and rather boring. I found this a great time to catch up on Facebook and email.

Once through the long queue, you come to a door! Where you wait in a slightly shorter queue.

At least there are some entertaining props once you get into the room with Mickey and Minnie.

Once we were inside, however, and saw the joy on the faces of the children with the family in front of us, it was well worth it. Mickey and Minnie spend plenty of time with the children of all ages.

And of course, we got to get our photos with the main Mice as well!
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