Japan's sweets

One of our favorite spots at EPCOT’s is Mitsukoshi,  they have a lot of cool Japanese goods, from stationary, to toys, to snacks, this place is a great souvenir stop. My favorite part is all the way in the back back baaack where they have a lot of cool candies (shrimp gummies anyone?) and even a really nice selection of fun chopstick sets and bowls. 

This store is a scaled down version of the Mitsukoshi department store in Japan, and it is an absolute ADVENTURE to go through. As you walk in, you are immersed in Hello Kitty land. Go further through the store and you’ll pass Pokemon land, Studio Ghibli land, Mikimoto Pearl land, Traditional Japanese Clothes land and more, before you reach the back of the store, which is chock full of Japanese food, drinks and candy. It’s without any doubt that this is the largest store in the World Showcase and probably the most popular. Everytime I visit EPCOT, I spend the most time and money in this store. You honestly don’t have to be a Japanese culture freak to love this place. It’s just that much fun to be in.

A few of the many types of items you’ll find in Mitsukoshi are:
– Sanrio (Hello Kitty) Items 
– Domestic and Imported Anime Merchandise, including a HUGE selection of official Studio Ghibli goodies!
– Pokemon Items
– Kimonos, Yukatas, Tabi sandals (and socks!) as well as various goods made out of chirimen (The fabric kimonos are made out of)
– Japanese bath and beauty supplies
– Japanese stationery items
– Japanese dishes
– Japanese beverages, snacks and candies
– TONS more

Enough with the words, here the best part, photos of the sweets!



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